Rogers Rock & Stone LLC offers many different products.  You are not limited to using our suggestions.  Let your imagination be free and make  your yard an appealing and relaxing refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life.

We purchase our products from all over the United States.  This fact is why there are different prices for like materials.  A product from Nebraska may cost less than a product from Colorado.  It's those darn transportation costs!


Color tones may change from load to load and rock from one part of a state will not be the same color as a rock from another part.  These are natural products as mother nature made them and NOT a manufactured or man made product.


As you shop for material, keep in mind that every retailer can name rock differently.  When we purchase material the bills usually just have a size  and says "rock" or "gravel", etc.  So make sure that you are comparing "apples" to "apples" and "oranges" to "oranges".

NOTE - remember most rock looks different wet than when dry.  Also most but not all sunglasses will affect color tone. If you have purchased from us in the past and can not find your receipt, we can attempt to look you up in our system. It is always a good idea to bring out a sample of the rock that you would like to match using a shovel to put just a layer in a small bucket (it could even be an ice cream pail) - just DO NOT hand pick as the human brain tends to pick a certain color or size and I need the whole variety to do an accurate match.

MULCH:  Available for delivery or pick up 


NATURAL NON-DYED HARDWOOD MULCH - $26.00 cy - credit price

DYED CHOCOLATE (DARK BROWN) MULCH - $36.00 cy - credit price

LANDSCAPE FABRIC:  Premium grade spun bond polyester.

We try to keep 2 sizes in stock.

1) 3' x 50' (150 sq ft) 3 oz. for $ 18.00 each at credit price

2) 4' x 100' (400 sq ft) 3 oz. for $ 46.00 each at credit price

3) 3' x 250' (1,000 sq ft) 4.2 oz for $ 82.00 each at credit price  We will be carrying a limited amount.

4) Staples $1.28 for a 25 count at credit price

We can also order in some larger sizes for larger projects.  Please call.

The larger sizes are:

1) 4' x 250'

2) 3' x 300'

3) 4' x 300'

4) 6' x 300'

5) 12' x 300'


We accept three major credit cards.  Debit Cards are ran as credit.

$10.00 Minimum Charge 

We give 2% Cash & Check Discounts.


 All Customers, Retail or Commercial Pay The Same Rates.


All Rock is sold as natural stone, with No guarantees, refunds or exchanges.  All Sales Final.  Purchasers will waive all claim they may have and indemnify seller against claims by others for damage caused by trucks, etc. when delivery is requested beyond curb line.


SPECIALTIES:   GLASS ROCK - $2.25 per pound at credit price -  This is a man-made product in a variety of colors both clear and solid and many sizes.  Popular for aquariums and anything else in your imagination. We get a variety of colors and varieties when a shipment comes in, we can attempt to order specific colors but they may not be available.  We will never have a CLEAR red as that color is made with real gold.  CAUTION - THIS PRODUCT DOES HAVE SHARP EDGES. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT TEMPERED AND IF USED IN A FIRE PIT IT MUST BE BELOW THE FLAME. IF FLAME TOUCHES, IT COULD EXPLODE.

RIVER ROCK:  We carry 9 different varieties (colors), 11 with the decorative gravel.  River rock comes from two different sources.  One source is actual rivers.  The other source is from dried river beds or glacial till which means the rock is dug up and screened from dirt or sand.  River rock has mostly smoothed edges.  You will find some broken edges, some varieties have more than others.  Some varieties are more round and smooth (consistent shapes) while others can be smooth with inconsistent shapes.  Each one has a variety of size and color but has it's own color tone and size ranges. Most common size range is 3/4" - 1 1/2" to 2" size. Our largest is a 2" - 4" which is good for residential erosion control and beautiful colors as well.  Credit prices range from $90.00 - $122.00 per ton. 

CRUSHED DECORATIVE ROCK:  Eleven varieties.  This type of rock is quarried or mined which means that it is extracted from a wall of rock with dynamite then crushed into different sizes.  The edges on this will be straighter and sharper than river rock.  I have included in this category our light weight rock which is Buildex. Buildex is a natural stone that has been processed (cooked) with natural gas (like popping popcorn) and is used for landscape or in light weight concrete.  These materials have a more definite color than river rock.  Credit prices range from $83.00 - $274.00 per ton.

SAND & GRAVELS:  Sand for your sandbox and concrete mixes. Clean Pea Gravel and 1/2" - 3/4" Gravel for landscape, inside egress windows, walkways and drainage.  Credit prices range from $41.00 - $66.00 per ton.

LIMESTONE:  These are your local construction and road building materials.  We carry limestone screenings for leveling of your flagstone and paver walkways and patios.  3/4" crusher run for your base for flagstone and paver walkways and patios and base for man made block walls.  3/4"  - 1" clean limestone for topping existing limestone roads and for backfilling block walls. Credit prices range from $36.00 - $58.00 per ton.  Rural Residential Roads (Driveways/Lanes) and Parking Areas - See Services Page.

RECYCLED CONCRETE:   We carry two varieties which are considered  3" size. Clean Road Base, but it does vary from load to load and can have larger pieces. This product can have some brick, tile and asphalt in the mix. Standard Recycled Concrete. This is a recycled concrete and  can have wire and re-bar and other items, we do the best that we can to remove these objects as we load but can NOT guarantee that we have removed every piece.  Once the product is laid down we suggest to walk the area and pull any remaining metal and discard. This is used for the first stage of creating a residential rural driveway, it creates a base or foundation for the smaller limestone or used itself for heavy duty use. Can also be used for some erosion control issues. Credit price is $37.00 - $40.00 per ton.  Rural Residential Roads (Driveways/Lanes) and Parking Areas - See Services Page.

COBBLE:   We have one variety of RIVER COBBLE "JACKS" which is the COLORADO GREY COBBLE  (Greys,  Pinks, White and a few Tans).  These are just a larger version of river rock.  This is good for garden borders, accent rock and ponds.  This can also be used as a ground cover.  Some are engravable.  Size range is 4" - 8", some pieces can be larger such as 8" one way but 12" another - as long as it went through at the 8" side.  We also carry FIELD STONE OR GLACIER STONE COBBLE (Pinky Reds, Tans and Greys). These are more odd shaped than the river cobble and some pieces can be more angular-chunkier chunks about 6" - 12" with some pieces being larger.  Both products can be purchased as individual pieces or in larger quantities.  Credit price starts at .10 cents per pound which is $ 200.00 per ton.

BOULDERS:  We carry many varieties.  These are bigger versions of the river rock and crushed decorative rock.  They come from the same sources.  This product comes in sizes from a football to 3 foot and larger.  Boulders can be used as accent, in ponds, waterways, walls, etc.  Some are engravable.  Credit price starts at .10 cents per pound which is $ 200.00 per ton.  We can Drill Boulders - See Services Page.  For engraving see HOPE ROCKS

BOULDER STAIR TREADS:  These are natural boulders that are sliced like a deck of cards, so that the outside (riser) will be the natural shape and texture of the boulder itself. They are 6" - 7" thick.  The tread (step) has a textured feel. We do have a few that have a polished tread (slick). These can also be used as memorial stones. Each piece will weigh a minimum of 150 lbs plus, usually between 350 lbs and 560 lbs each.  Credit price is .3825 cents per pound which is $765.00 per ton.  For engraving see HOPE ROCKS

FLAGSTONE:  See the HOW TO  Page for constructing a patio . We carry several varieties.  This is a quarried stone that is irregular shapes and come in sheets that are stacked on pallets.  They can also be in a cut dimensional form.  This product can vary in thickness usually from 1" - 2" thick is preferred for walkways and patios. TIP If making a walk path that is "plunked" (Not solid), the pieces should be big enough for the largest foot in the household to stand on comfortably. This product can be used for walkways, patios, ponds, and waterfalls.  Many are engraveable. Credit prices start at .14 cents per pound which is the same as $280.00 per ton and goes up.  You do not have to limit yourself to one color.  Feel free to mix two to three colors to blend or contrast which ever you prefer.  For engraving see HOPE ROCKS .

BUILDING STONE:  We carry several varieties. This is the same materials as the Flagstone and is stacked on pallets. "Strip" or "Ledge" are pieces of natural thickness (the flat side) which can vary and in length they can be up to 4' but they are snapped at a 4" width.  These can be used for edging (borders) if laid on edge. If laid on the flat they can be used for fireplace fronts or veneering on homes. Credit prices start at .165 cents per pound which is the same as $ $330.00 per ton and goes up.   You do not have to limit yourself to one color.  Feel free to mix two to three colors to blend or contrast which ever you prefer. 

MISSOURI LIMESTONE WALL BLOCK:  This is a great material for a natural wall. This is a quarried material. Pieces have a natural front which is a cream to gold color and SOME MAY have a natural weathered side, the backs are split or fractured edge and is usually a dark grey color.  Credit price is .0830 cents per pound which is the same as $166.00 per ton.


Top Soil & Fill Dirt: Limited supplies throughout the season. Call for availability.  Remember our supplies are stored outdoors and are not available in wet weather and it takes time to dry out adequately. 

All rock is sold as natural stone, with NO guarantees, refunds or exchanges.  All Sales Final.  Purchaser will waive all claim he may have and indemnify seller against claims by others for damage caused by trucks, etc. when delivery is requested beyond curb line.



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